Powerful Designs

Inspiring space, product, industrial kitchen & corporate identity designs

Construction & Contracting

Constructions managed with the correct processes, production of industrial kitchens, refrigerated displays and cold rooms


One day you may want to fit in all the worlds tastes in a small place…

Sometimes you may dream of a huge place full of customers all day long providing the comfort one feels like home dining with the family…

And sometimes you may wish to realize a groundbreaking idea; offering the exhausted urban people a momentary tasty break with full of pleasant surprises, a place for recharging…

We can design them or more of it indeed. With the deepest knowledge of endless material choices, actual technological know-how, experience gained from hundreds of applications and organisation ability thanks to our staff each one an expert in their field, we can make your dreams come true, provide the earliest pay off of your investment.


We understand

We are in close contact with the F&B sector for 30 years, speaking the same language with them, understanding their demands accurately.

We know

From storage to production, from refrigeraton to lighting, displaying to service, staff to customers, we know how to add appeal to places owing to applications we provided to over 700 clients.

We solve

As per the saying “People are welcomed by their outfit, sent by their intelligence”, the outlook and arrangement of a product is equally important as its diversity. With this approach we end all your worries with our products and applications which turn the potential into real shopping customers, make people want to enter inside at the first sight and by designing places paying off its investment in a short period.

Yet we united our forces

SEKSENDOKUZ Mimarlık offering special design solutions on F&B sector for 24 years since the time it is established…

Now we joined our experiences under the leadership of TXO Design. With the help of this coalition, we are ready to make more economical and more competitive turn key project solutions with budget benefits available to you.

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