Cold Rooms and Refrigeration Technologies

We design and produce refrigerated spaces for any kind of place independent from its scale for products like meat, dairy, dry aged items, fruits and vegetables that require different conservation conditions. By this means we can prolong their shelf life, avoid losses and wastages of products purchased as a wholesale in big quantities.

Customized, innovative & efficient

We collaborate with japanese air conditioning pioneer Daikin for offering various bespoke solutions to our customers who seek for additional functionality and efficiency.
Cold rooms partially or completely made of glass can be designed and produced in any sizes. Thanks to the integrated evaporation system on the ceiling, a more linear air circulation and more transparent and cleaner looking cold rooms are achieved.
Therefore our glass cold rooms provide a more hygienic and safe environment for the conservation of products inside especially like meat, wine or vegetable, fish, beverages.
Owing to the eco-friendly, energy saving, low carbon footprint technology they save from 15 to 40% energy compared to traditional refrigeration systems, thus descreasing the management costs significantly both for fresh or frozen conservation.
These innovative technologies, various product and system choices enables us to offer bespoke solutions for diffeent demands from the customers and to build long life, low maintenance cost, more effecient systems.


First you can check some of our projects which attract the customers by their outlook and pay back its investment rapidly, then call us and we can discuss what we can do together.