Constructional Works

The intended use of the place, the needs and wishes of the investor, business goals are TXO’s main priorities in the way we work.

Solid workflows

All things considered

The subject of activity of the management, product and service preferences, functioning of the storages or service aisles are among our point of interest indeed.

Food lighting

Moreover, how the meat, dairy, fish products, furits and vegetables, beverages and bakery products will be illuminated, what kind of lamps and fixtures are suitable for them, their design and manufacturing are within our area of expertise.

Effective use

In order to meet the deadlines, the project budget accurately, we do mathematical analyses based on potential customer expectations, staff working schedules, daily and yearly shopping traffics.


First you can check some of our projects which attract the customers by their outlook and pay back its investment rapidly, then call us and we can discuss what we can do together.