Industrial Kitchens

The right choice of equipments is of the primary importance for building well functioning kitchens.

Correct choices

The impact of the criteria when making these decisions and determination of priorities accurately is essential.
Surely, the budget is not the only criteria while building a proper functional kitchen according to the needs. Therefore as a basic principle, TXO Design determines the order of importance of the equipments very elaborately according to needs and resources of the investors.
We offer items that meet high price/performance rates and items of a great range of brands and models instead of stucking to single manufacturers.
Here are some of the topics TXO pays great attention to while designing a kitchen:

  • Exhaust systems that prevents the release of odor, smoke or soot to the environment
  • Waste management systems for the heavy load of solid and liquid waste generated everyday
  • Noise control generated by heating and refrigeration systems
  • Hygene systems starting from the receiving area, storages and through the kitchen to the table.
While building a kitchen, before going on with the choice of equipments, TXO first check and study the following points:

  • Determination of kitchen storage and production capacities
  • Determination of types of preparation and cooking equipments according to menu
  • Manufacturing details of stainless steel furniture to meet the hygene standarts and ergonomics
  • Work flows and paths inside kitchen to process the orders hygenicly and quick
  • Auxiliary recommendations to make ingredient and energy savings
  • Substructure and eqipment planning to avoid any work accidents
  • Details to assist you to achieve higher product quality standarts
  • Conservation of the hygene in a sustainable but not daily basis

Only after considerations of such details you can end up running a peaceful and safe kitchen with happy and efficient staff.


First you can check some of our projects which attract the customers by their outlook and pay back its investment rapidly, then call us and we can discuss what we can do together.