Industrial Kitchen Design

Market conditions force industrial kitchen suppliers to design places suitable to the brands and models they sell. Therefore the investors have to make do with whatever serves to the benefit of their kitchen suppliers, not with what they need.

Bespoke solutions

What differenciates TXO Design from their competitors is to find bespoke solutions according to the needs and imagination of the customers and not to the products to be sold.

TXO Design’s experienced crew consisting of architects and industrial kitchen designers give priority to the needs of the customer and designs projects based on the idea of maximum yield. After an optimum layout is prepared, the brands and models of the appliances are determined.
To sum up our main principle and understanding of service, it is not our priority to sell equipments but to create efficient kitchens where our customers can work smoothly.


First you can check some of our projects which attract the customers by their outlook and pay back its investment rapidly, then call us and we can discuss what we can do together.